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Mindfulness and relationships

The mind is an embodied and relational process

Where there is attention, there is connection.

Maintaining quality relationships isn’t always easy, but research shows it can have a profound influence on our long-term physical health.

Through mindfulness, we increase our awareness of how we are in relationship to our self — our thoughts and experiences — as well as others.

As awareness increases, we are able to more skillfully differentiate our experience from the judgments and interpretations we attach to them.

This awareness can free us from taking things personally. It also distances us from the urge to fix others, and from the desire to change someone when they’re making us feel uncomfortable or inconvenienced (or they simply do something differently than how we prefer).


emotional attunement

How do people figure out what someone else needs, wants, or feels? How do they use that information to communicate or teach, to make moral judgements, or repair conflicts? 

Empathy is being connected with the experience of another. Empathy is feeling with another, without taking on their emotions and feeling for them.

Mindfulness practice strengthens our capacity for empathetic and attuned communication. It helps us rethink and restructure the ways we express ourselves and listen to others. This can help when communicating with patients, physicians, clients, friends, or family. We can even learn to understand more clearly what our pets try to communicate!

watch this video by Dr. Brene Brown to learn more about mindfulness and empathy:


Impact of mindfulness in relationships

Knowing when you’re in tune – and when you’re not – is fundamental to mindful communication and improving the health of your relationships. Through mindfulness, we cultivate relationships that thrive once we:

  • Get “unstuck” from old patterns

  • Develop self-awareness

  • Understand maladaptive behaviors

  • Adopt beneficial behaviors

  • Stop listening to our inner critic

  • Become more compassionate

Mindful Cube can help you break patterns that are hurting your relationships, both at home and at work. Contact us for a complementary 20-minute consultation to learn more.

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