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Mindfulness of Spirituality

Awaken to love

Mindfulness meditation and spirituality

In meditation, we come to understand universal truths about the nature of our human consciousness and the divine forces around us. 

Mindfulness meditation can be practiced in both secular and religious contexts. While mindfulness has its roots in Buddhism, it is truly an agnostic tool for training attention and becoming more aware.

People of many faiths engage in mindfulness to deepen their own spiritual paths. Spiritual meditation connects us to important virtues that religions and spiritual traditions all over the world focus on.

Spirituality and mindfulness

Core themes of mindfulness are practiced by people of all faiths and spiritual practices.

  • Love

  • Kindness

  • Compassion

  • Liberation from suffering 

  • Health

  • Non-judgment

Spiritual meditation creates time, space and stillness to connect with the divine.


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