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Mindful movement

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Private Instruction: Yoga or mindful movement

When attention is focused inside of the body, and not directed outwardly to what other people are doing, connections between the brain and body develop.

The word yoga literally means “to yoke,” or “to bring together.” When the mind and body unify, we go into a state of ease. We can read the signals from the body, it’s the bottom-up insight we call “intuition.”

Yoga, or mindful movement, is a powerful tool for cultivating a mindful state of being. 

Unfortunately, yoga is too often taught in large classes that address only the physical practice, which is only a small part of yoga.

If you have a medical condition that requires special attention, or prefer a more personalized approach to physical wellness, private yoga instruction may be right for you.

As an R.N. with an extensive background in body mechanics, and a yoga instructor with over 13 years of personal practice, I provide personalized assistance to get your body in alignment, safely.

Private yoga sessions are offered at $130 per hour and conducted at a location most convenient to you. Sliding scale fees may apply. If you are on a restricted income please inquire — we are always happy to work with individuals earnestly seeking healing.